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Serus, The Frame Of Darkness


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I'm pretty sure this won't be the first or best shadow or darkness-based frame concept, but I just wanted this put up somewhere that I won't forget the idea. And hey, it's always nice to hear from the community.

I have no good art of my ideas of Serus, and honestly speaking the foggy image I have of him is pretty damn unoriginal to begin with, so anyone willing to do any art of that is welcome :p

Anyways, the idea is that he's meant to be a versatile guy, with the ability to play support, glass cannon and tank roles, though I'm not sure how well I've thought this through. I thought he'd have:

-Slightly higher than average shields

-Average speed

-Slightly lower than average health (which you might find plays an interesting part of this frame)

-Average power

-Average armor

His four abilities would be:

1) Pitched Black—Costing 25 energy, the ability would throw Serus in the form of a smoky cannonball into a target area. Upon landing, a small amount of damage and stun would be issued to enemies in the radius, and they would be blinded for a duration. The landing would also cause Serus slight damage to his health (see how the health thing is showing through now?). Useful for CC and fast travel.

2)Phase—Costing 25 energy upon activation, and 2 more for every second (not too sure bout the rate), until toggled off. For every second, 5 points of health are also lost whilst the ability is on (once again with the health). When activated, all teammates, regardless of where they are, become intangible and invisible, meaning its an invincibility mechanic and stealth gimmick. Whilst intangible, they can still deal damage and interact with stuff, but enemies cannot touch them and they have no hitbox. So they can run right through a crowd unimpeded and undetected even. Of course, doors and floors still stop them.

3) Malevolent Dark—This one will sound A LOT like shadows of the dead, but hear me out. The ability would cost 100 energy to activate, and would take off half of Serus' remaining health. A number of enemies would have their shadows raised, which would immediately proceed to attack them. Also, any enemies standing in a dark area (like the mirage kind of shadowy area) would have large amounts of damage done to them over time, depending on how long they stay in the shadows. The shadows would expire after a while, but they also attack Tenno (hence the Malevolent) and dark areas slow Tenno movement speed like less potent cold procs. The number of shadows raised is affected how much health was sacrificed upon cast.

4)Gaping Void—Costs 100 energy, and for once deals no damage to Serus, yet. Serus' left hand blows open (or slides open, imagine a really cool bio-mechanical terminator-esque transition from limb to weapon) and spawns a singularity that draws aggro and absorbs all damage dealt upon Serus. During this time however, he is not immune to knock downs and whatever, only damage and procs. He is also confined to melee combat using a katana-like sword of shadows (haven't thought of a snappy name for it) and is unable to cast any other ability during the duration of this ability. Like Nyx's absorb, the singularity takes in all damage, and at the end of its timer spews it all back out. Serus, at this point, will take a considerable percentage of this damage, in health (well, there you have your health reduction), along with any enemies in the radius.

And there you have it. Now what I was thinking is that the lower health might limit his abilities (which I'm not sure if its good of bad) so what if shields were reduced and health boosted a bit? I know this concept is full of holes, but I just hoped someone would take a look at it and offer some feedback.

Thanks for reading, cheerio, y'all.

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the fact that i took time to read your idea is that i'm interested.


for abilities:

1) no problem with the idea.

2) so it would cost 25 energy activation and drain 2 energy and 5 hit point every second and this would apply to all team members? the function is good, like loki's invisibility but affects all teammates but the cost is too great and i think it would bring annoyance to other players.

3) with serus's low HP and the cost of activation is by draining his/her HP? and it could bring bad side effect to other players? no, just no.

4) love it. simply interesting and sounds cool.

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Oh darn, I forgot to mention it.

When I first thought up this frame I had an idea in mind of an individual who sacrificed his own wellbeing for the sake of others. The costs in energy and health are meant for him and him alone, not for any of his teammates. I'll edit that as soon as I get around to using my computer to do this stuff.

Thanks for reading and responding btw, really appreciate it

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I like the idea, is really interesting.


I think he need to be more tankier or have a way to get his health back, mainly because of his 4 and 3. The problem with these abilities is the same problem with Archwing's Hysteria idea. After using it the frame would be one-shoted, thinking about that Arch put a healing on Warcry.


Even tho this frame has a stealth ability and a mobility one, both use health as fuel, using them to escape after having used 4 or 3 would be suicide.


MAYBE turning his 3 into a Life Steal buff to nearby warframes. Strength wouldn't affect it, or its percentage would be low, or both. And would not affect weapons with Life Strike nor Hysteria. MAYBE.

Or just be more tankier.



Sorry if I made any mistake. English is not my first language.

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