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Lfg To Farm Beacons Or Kill Vay Hek


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  • 2 weeks later...

I would be up for this. The idea team composition is as follows: Nekros, Oberon/Trinity, Loki with Disarm, and a Rhino.

The ideal mission: Gefion on Ceres. An average of 2-5 Prosecutors spawns per run for me when you hold the core at last above 2k HP. 

Cut Prosecutors into bits, have the Nekros Desecrate.

I am a Trin/Loki Prime/Nekros.

Add me if you feel like. For each hour of grind, I can guarantee a key. However, I will stop after I have Hydroid's Helmet. I have fought Vay Hek over 15 times and am willing to pay platinum just to throttle his cheap face. 

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