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Reward In Different Time Unlimited Mission


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There are 3 different type of time unlimited mission:


-) Survival

-) Defence

-) Interception


But ther's a big difference between the first mode and the other 2. In survival everytime you pass 5 minute you gain a reward; in the other 2 no. Why do not create a system where in each mode you have an advantages to continue to play?




The advantage to continue to play survival is: every 5 minute you gain a reward


Now just imagine some type of reward for every complete round on the other type of mission, we could use some imagination and create for example a defence where every 5 round the resource drop is upgraded of  "x%"  or where every round you take an extra "y credit cache"... those are just example but with your support the "true reward defence/interception" could became reality!!!

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