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Volt Component & Bps Disappeared


I've already put in a ticket for a similar problem, and noted this as possibly a related issue.  But just in case anyone else ran into this problem, yesterday evening I put the BPs for a Volt Storm Helmet and the Volt Chassis into production.  This afternoon I claimed the completed items into Inventory.


This evening, post-update 7.8, I noticed that the Volt Chassis was still in Inventory, but the Storm Helmet was gone, as were the BPs for both items.



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Thanks, Niennah, I appreciate the reminder (I had forgotten).  But since I don't have the full Volt WF yet, I don't think there's any way for me to check and see if it's actually there.  And that strikes me as a flaw in the current inventory system.  Regular helmets are stored in Inventory (where you'd expect to find any inventory item) but specialty helmets....aren't.  Wonder why not? 


Hey DE, can we change this, so that all helmets are stored -or at least viewable, if not eqippable- in Inventory, where they belong?

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