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Warframe Gets Randomly Minimized But Can't Open It To Full Screen Anymore.


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So let me clarify what's happening at the moment.


This is my completely new gaming rig, i've got it for 3 days now, from the first day on i could play warframe perfectly fine and hadn't encountered any problems. 


But since today, when i play a mission (solo or in squad) for about 3-5 min. Warframe freezes for 1 second and after that it just minimizes. I still hear sounds from warframe, when i press the fire button i hear my character shooting, etc. 

i tried alt+tabbing to make it back fulllscreen but that doesn't work apparently.


I'm now veryfying/optimizing the warframe tray and I'll also try to tweak multi-threading and such. I'll keep you updated if any works.


PS: i've got the latest driver for my GPU


System specs:

CPU: intel-core i5-4690k : quad-core

GPU: MSI Geforce gtx970 4GB GDDR5

OS: Windows 7 x64

RAM: 2x8GB Corsair vengeance

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