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Pc Controller Users Unite!


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Okay, so playing warframe on pc with an xbox 360 controller is a lot of fun, but there are some issues:


-Foundry does not work with controllers

-Color customization does not work

-Hitting "A" in the esc menu does not work

-Modding does not work with controllers

-Viewing mods does also not work


On another side note, why can't the reload button and the channeling button be on the same button? 


Tenno out ;)


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Using a controller to navigate this game is pretty annoying and inconsistent. I hate that every time I go into the pause menu, I have to put my controller down and use my mouse, because sommeettimes it works, but most of the time it doesn't. I hate that every time I do anything at any of the ship consoles, I have to put down my controller and use a mouse, because only a handful of consoles kind of work how you would expect to a point where you just can't select something or move around, or where you can move around but can't see the thing you have selected because there's a tenno in the way whose viewing angle isn't affected by the use of a controller.

It would be nice if using a controller to navigate menus and ship consoles on a PC worked how I imagine it works on the PS4/XBOX1.

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