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Ether Weapons Suggestion (Vs Infested)


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Hey there,


When the first of ether weapons were released they were very good vs the infested because of the type of damage they dealt, however D2 has changed that and now they are "ok" but nothing to really put them on a spotlight.


So my suggestion is that Ether weapons get innate damage vs the infested. Something like 100% or 200% damage increase when fighting the infested. There are already mods for it so the mechanic can work.



Values are of course place holder but what do you guys think?

I think this change will make it so that ether weapons are more unique and used for combat other than just a cosmetic/mastery fodder.

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I support your idea. But then the Ether Reaper'd outclass the Reaper Prime. And it's not a great thing for a standard weapon to be stronger than it's prime version. 

I'd love this idea in game, but we need a Scythes Rework before.

Yeah the Scythes overall need some work done, the Ether Reaper should outclass the Reaper Prime by far when fighting infested but then again that is also the idea behind my suggestion :P

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