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Looking For Social, Not Focused On Solar Rails Alliance.


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Hi there.


I'm the warlord of Kurogane no Kiba, a shadow clan.


We were once known as The Hidden Blade, a mountain clan (hence the "HB" in my name, i keep it to honor my old clan)

After most of our members went inactive, the co-leader and i decided to make a new clan and bring our most active people.


We are 30 members, most of us play on weekends but i and a few others play very frequently.


So, our clan is technically new (roughly 3 weeks), but most of us are old and experienced players.


We are looking for an alliance who doesn't care about solar rails.

We were in 2 alliances that focused on pvp and was awfull.


So we just want more people to interact and play with, that's all.



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