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Common Problems Encountered While Playing


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I love your game first of hands off to a great job. One of the few games that doesn't make me regret backing it early on. But I have had my share of the problems while playing the game and they are extremely infuriating not because of what they are but they tend to repeat themselves so often.


1. The primary screen will not wake up if the game is on and the computer goes to sleep. I will have to force the game to quit and start again. to do anything about it.


2. Sometimes the carries sentinel will become bugged and will not let me pick anything up instead they will trail behind me and another annoying aspect is that the perspective then somehow shifts inside of my warframe.





3. Sometimes the UI will freeze and will not let me interact with anything the only solution being logging out of my computer to force the application to close (the game just doesn't like giving up graphical resources for some reason). 


4. Not being able to join a friend or a friend join me because of I don't know why but it happens more frequently is annoying.


I think these are the major ones though there are more that i can list. 



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