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Upcoming Melee Aerial Attacks Changes Dicsussion


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Haven't seen people talk about  it that much ..... so I wanted to see the public opinion on the matter



For those who don't know , in U15 I think we'll be able to perform a forward dashing melee attack while in mid air and in melee mode instead of the regular ground slam. Chaneling increases travel distance. Check out devstream 38 at the beginning 


Thoughts about THe upcoming changes?


Are they welcome ? And if not why so in your opinion



Would chain attacks in the air be welcome in this game?


Let's discuss :)

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Whatever they do, I want to keep my aerial control/maneuvers that sliding/coptering/slamming all offer me.


I don't necessarily care if coptering is slowed down and polished up if it's made standard speed and distance across all weapons/regardless of attack speed, but being able to use ground slams to cut off horizontal momentum and hit the ground faster and slides/copters to change direction in air and boost are really fun and I'd like to be able to keep something similar, if not exactly the unpolished stuff we have now.

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I recall reading somewhere that pressing E in midair will trigger an air slash or a ground slam depending on camera direction.


I hope this isn't true. If it is, then:

- Ground attacks will become a pain. We effectively have to briefly blind ourselves just to be able to trigger the slam that we're all currently used to.

- Enemies below us (which, when you use lots of wall leaps and such in gameplay, is a good portion of them) still cannot be directly hit with melee weapons.



I'd much rather choose between the two of them with keyboard buttons, not the camera. Example:

- W/A/S/D + E will trigger an air slash. Just E will trigger a ground slam.


- Pressing E will trigger an air slash. Pressing Crouch + E (without Sprint, of course) will trigger a ground slam.


Something of the sort. That way we can go ground slams without blinding ourselves, and we can happily air-slash any opponents underneath us.

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