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Aklato Vs. Sicarus


Soo, need a new pistol, everything I have is at 30 (Akbolto, Dual Viper, Lex)


Not interested in the Kraken or Bronco, leaves Aklato and Sicarus


Aklato seems easier to use, but Sicarus has higher damage/shot by a little bit.


Basically boils down to how bad the recoil on the Sicarus' burst is. I'm pretty good at managing the burst on the Burston, but you cant minimize the recoil on the Sicarus with +RoF mods apparently, and I remember Burston being quite a challenge before ~+30% RoF.


Has anyone used the Sicarus with good effect? Or is the burst too much to handle? Im thinking consistent headshots with less damage/bullet is better than only being able to hit a headshot 1/3rd of the time.

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The Aklato was the first pistol I got up to 30, and I've been using it a decent amount since.


To be honest, I found the accuracy drop compared to a single Lato as virtually negligible. Definitely a solid choice if you can take advantage of its ROF. Give it a decently ranked Quickdraw too, and it's a great side-arm.

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I got both Sicarus and AKLato at 30.


Both are decent, the Sicarus has a good Polarity Slot, but suffers from the Burstfire Recoil. it is very hard to hit targets on long ranges with it.

The AKLato is very accurate on all ranges and does decent damage.


If i had to chose one id go with the AKLato. im not a Fan of the Burstfire weapons, due to the stats and Polarity Slot the Sicarus has the potential to do more damage than the AKLatos tho, at least on short/medium ranges where the high recoil is manageable.

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