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Health Bar On Enemies (Hud)


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The current health bar that shows the enemy's health is in a bad location. Most of the time we kill the enemies in one hit. However, if you are playing a high level mission or a boss fight you want to keep an eye on their health bars. The problem is: When i aim to the boss i have to look to the top of the screen to see how mich health he has. This doesn't sound like a problem but when i want to see his health I HAVE TO aim at him. So I created a solution for it.


What about a health bar that floats above the enemy? Like many other games do. For example: Dark Souls, Diablo 3 and Destiny. 


Here how it works: It only appears on heavy enemies, players and bosses. This way it won't fill the screen. I have an image to show how it works.



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