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Zuperkid's Farmer's Market: Wts Mods,prime Parts, And Much More

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why farm when i can do it for you!


Dairy Isle(Mods)

-Split chamber

-Blind Rage 


-Fired UP


-Toxic Barrage

-Target Cracker


-Vital Sense


-Ice strom

-Self Destruct

-Chilling Grasp



-Charged Shel



-Incendiary coat



-Master thief (maxed)

-Rifle Amo mutation

-Sniper Ammo mutation

-Shotgun amo mutation



-Malicious Raptor

-Gemini Cros

-Crosing snakes

-Coiling viper


Fresh Produce (Prime parts)

-Ember prime set

-Frost prime Chasis and Helmet

-Loki BP and chasis

-Orthos blade and handle

-paris prime lower limb

-reaper handle

-Sicarus barrel and BP

-Latron BP and reciever


Stuff im willing to trade for if you don't have plat

Dakra Handle/Boltor Reciever/Ankyros Gaunlets/any Wyrm prime parts except main BP/Bleeding WIllow/Reaping Spiral


PM me your offer

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