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No U15 This Week?


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There is some mini events planned for haloween and november. So my bet is last wedneseday of otober too. But if DE plans to run big event they might release it sooner so 3 events would not overlap. I guess i amsounding like a crazy person, but i know there is 2 really funny events comming in november. I am 1100% sure

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Ok, so an update: I was misinformed (read: I didn't watch the devstream), so my theory to the hype screens is wrong. My new idea for the 7 is this:

(Not in order, obviously)

1. Archwing.

2. Ice Planet Tileset. No excavation since I've heard (from the Reddit summary - that guy's the real MVP) that that mode is returning before U15 does.

3. Sigils.

4. Arbiter Faction.

5. Maybe J3, if they get it done in time.

6. Player hubs, perhaps?

7. Possibly a new frame.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Most likely.

5. Most likely.

6. Possibly, but not without a longer wait.

7. Yes, a new Warframe is coming.

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My guess is 22nd October tbh, we know they plan to put out an update next week including the nikana stance from the devstream, thats the 8th. The next devstream is the 17th and I suspect they'll want to do a devstream before hand. That suggests teaser site will be up wednesday 15th and release on 22nd. Ofcourse it could get shifted back a week but I think they'll want to use the devstream for PR.

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