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So Where The Best Spot For Oxium



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Kappa on Sedna or Mimas on Saturn are my go-to  farm zones for Oxium.


Both run by the grineer atm though


Baal, Europa gets me about 30 each run if we get the 4 terminal MD


[[insert Q.Q here ] You'd think that needing hundreds of this resource, that we'd get them 5 at a time at least, but so far no responses about whether its going to be easier to get in the future >.>

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they are easy to get, since it's a guaranteed Chance.... but Oxpreys are rare in most Mission Types, so that's the problem, if any.


Biggest problem for me is that on solo i only ever get like 20 or so per mission, making it difficult when i need 1000...

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I've found Baal, Europa to spawn them quite often. Often 10+ per terminal.


Also, don't solo it. I've found Ospreys far more common when you've got a group. Other than that, just make sure you can kill them quickly, you get nothing if they self-destruct.

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