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[Suggestion] UI Scale Bar


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Hi guys,

I have a suggestion (as the title states!) A lot of other games have a UI Scale Slider which increases the size of the overall UI

This would include the minimap and all your other HUD items. This will make a significant difference with people running larger resolutions such as 2560x1600 (where most things are tiny and your eyes start to bleed!).

I hope you take this on board; it would be appreciated.

- Arty

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I have something to add here, Im not saying that this isnt a good idea, but it should be optional.

Speaking for me, I really dont mind the tiny UI, I prefer it. And speaking for the low resolution people, I supossed some of them would prefer having a smaller UI.

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why not auto scale UI to resolution ?

i have myslef tried the 1920*1080, and in fact it is not. its automatically switching to 1600*1050 (approaching) or set the aspect ration to 4;3.

i've tried many option as well as borderless fullscreen, and .. it is set to 4:3 for either 1600 or 1920 ; which is weird. so far 720p is the one working best.

also the engine doesnt handle the resolutions switching very well. i had a few crash, not from my 560ti but the the game itself.

Needs a bit of work on this i think.

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