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Better Weapon Viewing For Customization!


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Yo DE ya'll need to do somethin' bout dis weapon coloring thing ya got goin on here. I mean look at dis
All I see are dem hips, now I aint complaining bout dat, but I can't really see my Akmagnus like dis, ya dig? So maybe if there was somethin like a screen dat displayed only the weapons, dat would be pretty cool.

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Instead of the camera zooming in on a set position to focus on a weapon - which a weapon frequently isn't in because of different idle animations - when selecting a weapon to mod/color it, our Tenno should hold the weapon up to show it's being worked rather than just going into the equipped animation.  Add some sparkly levitation effects, have the Tenno kneel as they contemplate their tool, do whatever; but put the weapon up in front of the camera, put the focus on the weapon with the Tenno behind it to that you can't possibly block the view of the weapon, and let us spin it and move it around like was said above.

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It's a nice idea.  Especially for sidearms.  Some of them are just put at awkward locations vs the camera angle when customizing their appearance.


Yeah... I can't see almost all my secondary when I'm customizing it....


Hope that they make a place for liset to individually customize my weapons, which you can turn your weapons around and see it in every angle....

Like the ones above said...

But I guess I wanna see something like a table where they edit the weapon's design, something like the image on the ammo mutation mods....


And probably, a sentinel dock, where the sentinels are stored and customized.. The current sentinel just only floats in the liset...

Poor sentinels, we got no place for them...

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