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Mod Help And Weapon Suggestions

(XBOX)demonizer andy


hey guys not sure if this is the right forum but il give it a post anyways, im playing on the xbox one and cant stop playing this game, and seem to learn something new everyday i play, the one thing or multiple things im having trouble with at the minute, is getting hold of certain mods, iv looked on the wiki and farmed the areas it suggests, with no luck, but then on some of the posts people are saying that they drop in other places, then im finding other areas on other forums so i thought id ask here and get your farming suggestions.

Anyways heres what im looking for


heavy caliber

split chamber

vital sense


fleeting expertise



iv tried various places with no luck with any of them , so where have you guys had most luck.


also weapon suggestions, i have 5 frames i think it is now, ember, oberon, saryn , valkyr and mirage about to be finished.


i love ember but shes far too squishy, oberon im getting a bit of love for as he levels, saryn seems to be my guilty pleasure and good all round, valkyr im struggling to find any passion for at all, mirage looks cool, i have vauban say in my foundry ready to be collected but he just doesnt appeal at all and i want necros but that aint happening anytime soon.


but onto the point i generally use the same weapon set for all my frames regardless, my problem being i cant seem to find anything that really hits the spot, currently im using paris prime, which is never getting changed i love this bow. kunai as secondary which i find useless, and the heat dagger as my melee which aint too bad tbf.


i dont use my secondary all that much and the only one iv used and liked so far is the machine pistol, furis i think it was, strange looking one with extended mag, and for melee this heat dagger is ok, and i used a set of fists, cant rem which ones they were called, but i think there is a prime variant and they are more of a rounded shape and they were ok..


but again looking for suggestions for secondary and melee, for melee i prefer fast attacking that hits hard, and same with secondary really, as i never really change from my bow, but suppose it would be good to have something that fires fast and lasts if things get hairy..


also what sentinal is normally the go to, i dont really pay much attention to mine, i used wyrm and he seems the best so far, deathcube didnt seem to do much and carrier seems to do less....


anyways i think thats about it, but any help with the mods and weapon suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




EDIT - is there anywhere decent to get oxium from aswel, baal was reccomended but its got infested all over it, rather than corpus :/

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for primary weapons: karak, dera (rank required), hek (rank 4 required also ), soma, boltor/boltor prime, braton/braton prime, burston prime, vectis, ogris (rank 6), penta (rank 6), dread, ignis/flux rifle it actually depends what type of primary you would rather use but all of them are viable while some are for endgame.  


secondary weapons: stug, despair, tysis, marelok, nukor, pyrana, akstilletos, afuris, akbronco, akmagnus, , akvasto, aklato, brakk, detron, hikou/hikou prime,


melee: any depending on what you are comfortable in using but the top tier ones are dragon nikana, scindo prime, bo prime, dakra prime, dual ichors, dual zorens, fang prime, glaive prime, orthos prime, karyst and kronen and the others.

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