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Buggy Ancients.


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I was playing on my frost and anytime they run up to smack me i would freeze them and then slide away a few yards from them. Once they thaw suddenly i'm knocked down. Ranged Melee.


I would freeze them in the middle of one of there indicators that they are going to fire the ripline and freeze them solid. Suddenly the line would fire out of its hand and pull me over before it even thaws.


Ancients are breaking the rules!

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it's just that most actions don't get interrupted by interrupting or overwriting the animation (as far as i can tell, the only action that can be interrupted is the reload animation)

Heavy Grineers stun me when i kill em with my melee all the time, i mean, they are chargin the CC, i kill them, but the CC goes off anyway, or they are charging the CC, you use the slam attack and knock them down, but thier CC goes off anyway... annoying.

Scorpions and Ancients are just more likely to show this kind of bug because they can stun you from very far places... what also frustrates my a lot is when they are clearly going to hook you and you try to jump behind em or get out their line of sight, most of the times the hook will get u anyway, no matter what you do, i hate hooks some much ._.

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