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So Where To Get Keys?



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According to the drop tables on the Wiki's survival page your best bet for T3 void keys is rotation B on tier 3 survivals, i.e. those whose enemies start at least level 20. So Ceres and Pluto, I'm guessing.


T1 void keys are the same thing, but on tier 1 survival missions (starting levels 1-10).


I'm currently looking for some myself. Used up all my T3 mob defs and still no Scindo blade.

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If you have spare T1 Survival or Defense you can use them to get other keys.  I spent a lot of time recently running T1 Capture just to end up getting T1 Defense which I would then run to wave 5 or 10 when I would get the T1C back!  If you run full size teams, T1 missions can be great for getting other keys since 1 key nets 4.  Even better on T1 Survival where 30 minutes can often give 4 or 5 keys per person.  If you don't have T1 keys then Derelict Survival/Defense aren't bad.  Failing that, any starmap Survival will give a guaranteed key at 15 minutes, Interceptions can at round 3+ and defenses can whenever but low chance.

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