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Moving On From Soma To Boltor Prime Need Dps Build

(XBOX)Terra x Aqua


So for my soma I'm using a dps build. For grineer=radiation.=point strike,serration,heavy cal,split chamber,storm bringer,hellfire,bane of grineer,vital sense. For corpus=magnetic=storm bringer,serration,bane of corpus,split chamber,vital sense,heavy cal,cryo rounds,point strike. For void/infest=corrosive=storm bringer,serration,vital sense,split,infected clip,heavy cal,cryo rounds,point strike. Is what I been using on soma which is 4 forma 5 v and a dash.

So. Wana know what kind of mods should I go on boltor prime,I watch a few videos but there builds are weird,looking for a good dps high defense and survival


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Yeah kinda upset about my soma it got glitches using a forma,I asked for a fix,de, took out a v that I needed on my soma instead of addind the one that glitches, so needed something to use till fix, and just made this and was looking at top dps guns on dpswarframe I think its called,thought I try it out till soma fixed,

Seems not as good as soma eh?

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here is my build, roughly 30k dps and kills everything until 30 mins in t4s in one to two shots. then it starts taking 6-7 to kill Heavies.


swap the elements for what you need by moving the speed trigger

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FYI, if you can aim for headshots the Soma actually provides higher DPS than the Boltor Prime.  That being said the Boltor Prime has higher DPS when not aiming for headshots, or when facing lower level enemies.  Both have their uses.


EDIT:  Also, you should not be using Heavy Caliber on a Soma as you need accuracy to make headshots (and capitalize on the critical damage).

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