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Balancing Conclave ( Maybe)


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These are some ideas i'd like to share about balancing conclave.


-Conclave rank- also affected by how much you played conclave


Wouldn't it be easier if conclave rank would be based on K:D ratio? Not on your numbers, but in diffrences those numbers have. Eg. A player has one kill and five deaths, his average kill:death ratio is 1:5 His Conclave rank should be lowered. Ever played Might and Magic: Duels of Champions? If yes, then you know about the Elo rank. With the Elo rank people are more balanced towards each other.


3 Conclave Sectors ( including team map choosing)


First one: If your deaths are higher than your kills : Sector F


Second one: if your deaths and kills are equal or at least balanced : Sector C


And the last one: If your kills are much higher than your deaths : Sector A


Dividing into these sectors would, at least by my opinion help players meet players of equal skill or so.


Care to comment or point out down sides of this idea?


EDIT: I would belong to Sector F

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I would like to suggest drk sectors kils / deaths be seperate form conclaves, this is because a few games there (in DS conflicts), and I've ended up ganged up 4 vs 1 with a team of ashes spamming bladestorm leaving me with 1 kill and 26 deaths... I know I may not be skilled enough to acvoid their abilities, but i hope that the sugegstion is considered .This losing streak really makes my conclave rating prospect horrible

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