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Scindos Awkward Holding Position


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Once again proving my competence at making thread titles.


Moving on. I'm a huge fan of the Scindo, but not how Warframe hold it when it's equipped.


Usually the frame grips it from the very end of the handle and allows it to dangle over the ground. The main issue with this is when you start jogging or running, the position does not move and more often than not, the edge clips through the ground. Not only does holding it by the edge of the handle look really awkward, but even more so when you're moving and it almost feels like it's going to catch something and catapult you:



I get the feeling the dangling is supposed to give it more of a weight, and the idea that the frame can't really hold it unless it's using the momentum of the swing, but I think changing it to something less awkward would be for the best.


One idea would be to simply reverse the position, and have the axe dragging behind (Adding some sparks as it drags along the floor couldn't hurt too~)


Another would be to have it hefted over the shoulder for support which I happened to capture thanks to a little bug:



Though I also managed to pull it off with Trinity's abilities:



Trinity only needs one finger to support Scindo!


I believe the Galatine already uses this sort of position, so I'd be really happy with it dragging behind and shooting sparks to give it a distinct uniqueness.


This is, of course, applicable to all heavy weapons that use this position like the Fragor. (Unless I'm mistaken)

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We're supposed to get a melee passover some time, which includes heavy weapons getting stat changes and pose changes, precisely because of this type of issue.  The Jat just looks silly, too.


But like most things, this is a "it'll happen when it happens, and it has not yet happened" thing...

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