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Playing The Healer



Oberon was the first frame I built when I started, just after his release. I really enjoyed him, his abilities, his appearance...all of it. I played him for a while, but tended to just end up using reckoning for its CC effectiveness.

I enjoy playing the healer in games, but I find it a little too difficult in this. Unless I'm playing with my friends, and talking over mic, then it's difficult to know when the other guys need healing. It would be so helpful if you could add other players in the squad on to the hud so that I could use it more effectively.

I don't know if others have this trouble, or whether I'm just not as good a healer as I am on other games :)

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It's toggleable in settings. I personally always have it on even though I'm not a healer.


Generally I've never run into missions where someone was playing a healer. It's all been good gunplay and the whole 'not dying' thing preventing most people from ever needing it.

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