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Sentinel And Kubrow "aura" Ideas.


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Disclaimer - Don't take these ideas as set in concrete, but more of a work in progress or a starting set for ideas.

Names, stats and functions can change. I don't make the game anyway, that is DE's job :)



Sitting here wondering if I should put another Forma on my sentinel, and I find myself hesitating. Not because I wonder if it will be worth it or not; but rather if I have it in me to go through another one of these tiresome re-runs. Well... I do. Because I like this game, but one thing that has affected me in a possitive way before when re-leveling frames is the Auras.

 Having that little starting buff helps out alot with removing the "helpless newb" feeling. So what I'd like to ask is - would it be possible to create companion "auras"?


My idea would be two sets of different "auras":
Pack Collars (or markings) - For Kubrows


Battle Programs - For Sentinels.


The names could of course be changed but it's just the working title. In order to make them a little bit different these so called auras only work with other companions. They will not buff your frame what so ever, but they will (possibly) benefit other Sentinels/Kubrows.

These "auras" will not work in exactly the same way as Warframe-auras, but are more around helping the other companions.



Kaleidoscope - By manipulating the wave-lenght at which their shields operate at the sentinel creates an optical illusion of there being more than one sentinel confusing the enemy.

Loweres incomming damage/ or enemies have a 1-5% chance of missing the sentinel entirely.

(Stacks with others)

4 levels (0-4)


Service Protocol - A sentinel equipped with this battle program will act as a flying workshop providing momentary extra health generation to nearby Sentinels (it will however not repair it self).

Lvls increase repair rate.

3 levels (0-3) - Like rejuvination but only when another sentinel is in range.


Target Painter - When a sentinel is nearby other sentinels information is shared between the seperate systems. This lets them operate at a faster rate. Slightly increases firing speed.

2-10% Increased attack speed.

4 levels (0-4)


Air Supermacy - Sentinels are programmed with advanced anti-air protocols resulting in more damaging hits.

Increases damage vs. enemy air units.

4-24% increased damage vs. air.

5 levels (0-5)


Purification - Increases damage against corrupted enemies. Pretty much a "bane mod aura" for sentinels.


Corruped protocols:

At the end ot the war against the Sentients the Orokin Masters refusing defeat and standing against ever unfavurable odds grew desperate. When faced with the impossible they tampered with their beloved allies as a last resort to tilt the scales. At great cost valiant sentinels rised against the oncomming storm - this is their legacy.


*Aura is positive while the negative effect is only applied to the Sentinel equipped with the mod.

** Negative effects may possibly stack with other identical "auras" (stats will need to change if so).


Defense Protocol - By super focusing on a small field around itself and any ally the sentinel achieves the near impossible task of redirecting incomming projectiles back from which they came. This however leaves little power left for targetting.

Small chance of returning enemy damage. Lowers attack range.

3-15% chance of returning enemy fire / 5-25% decreased attack range.

4 levels (0-4)


Offensive Protocol - By removing part of the energy capacitors the sentinel has received a greater shield battery capable of recharging the shield of the sentinel and any nearby allies (sentinels).

Increases shield regeneration rate/ lowers max energy capacity.

6-30% increased shield regeneration / 4-20% Decreased maximum energy.

4 levels (0-4)


Assault Protocol - So highly regarded were the abilities of the sentinels that their skill was put before their safety. Supercharging them lead to both longer and more devestating attacks.

Increases ability power, duration and range / lowers max health.

7-28% increased power/range/duration. / 10-40% Decreased maximum health.

3 levels (0-3)





Grounding field - By equipping a collar that covers the Kubrow and any nearby allies with a special coating the effects of electrical damage is greatly reduced.

Lvls increases resistance.


Frenzy - If a Kubrow is severly injured all nearby Kubrows enters an enraged state increasing their damage.

Lvls increases damage and Frenzy time.


Feast - Whenever an enemy is killed their corpse has a small chance of providing nearby Kubrows with a small health boost.

Lvls increases the chance of health boosts.


Orokin Fleas - Hidden in their thick fur lies an ancient scourge. While personally imune nearby enemies suffer a small chance of being bitten by these vermin and suffer a viral proc.

Levels increases the chance of proc.


Corpus Mods:

Corpus mods comes from the technology taken from raids against their research centers where Kubrows have been held captured. Some considder them cruel and unethical, while others find them oddly effective while taking revenge on their past tormentors.


Cooling gel - While reasonably human the Kubrows fur is consistantly sprayed with anti flameable gel. Due to the necessary aplication device the gel in however a liability vs. cold and electric damage.

+ Increases resistance vs. fire (high value) (Self and nearby allies)

- Lowers resistance vs. Ice and electric damage (low values) (self)


Carapace - By letting infested spores manifest upon Kubrows hide Alad Vs techincians created a very hard, almost shell like leathery skin. While exellent at withstanding puncture damage weaponry the hide was left vulnerable to slash damage. This was because any open wounds would be inflamed and cause additional damage. An unforseen bonus was however that mature spores could travel and manifest on other hosts boosting their resistance. These spores were unfortuntely shortlived and could not reproduce.

+ Increases Puncture resistance (self + nearby allies)

- Lowers Slash resistance. (self)


Grineer Mods:

Tampering with the genes of Kubrows Grineer sientist have constructed vile devises to boost the statistics of the poor animals captured and forcefully "domesticated" on Earth.


Agression - In order to create a more ferocious breed the Grineer sientists created a genetic coctail of various stimulants set to trigger the Kubrows own production of hormons increasing agressiveness. Producing this semi-synthetic-hormon also creates an airborne substance triggering allies.

This cocktail however leaves the Kubrow imbalanced and in a poor condition for defending itself.

+ Increases attack speed (self + nearby allies)

- Lowers armor (self).


Mutatious regrowth - By mutating a parasitic organism and fusing it with a Kubrow any damage inflicted to a Kubrows body when healed will create an additional sturdyness. As the parasite manifests inside the Kubrows body its healthpool grows. The parasite will try to take over nearby flesh as well but will (luckily) only succed to strenghten the new body. As the parasite grows the kubrow will become harder and harder to revive, requiring much greater effort.

+ Passive bonus health (after health damage) 6-30%

- Added ressurection time required (the time you have to stand next to it pressing "X") 8-40%

4 levels (0-4)

* When multiple "auras" are stacked the ressurection time will be stacked as well, with a maximum of +160%


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Might as well add auras for weapons right? anyways.... I like this idea from a long time ago before kubrows came into place.

Some things may or may not work. Sentinels and in extension Kubrows could (imo) use some more mods so I made a few while trying to be at least a tiny bit original XD


There could be "auras" for primary/secondaries. The question is; what whould they do? Besides adding bonus points. IF they offered something more I wouldn't necessarily say no.


Anyway, it isn't exactly auras that I am after, but something that could offer something more to the game while also bridging the Forma-circle a bit.

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This is very cool :D

Thx, I've been trying to come up with a few threads about the sentinels from time to time, always willing to expand.


I like, and you're right Auras do help with the 'helpless newbie' thing when you forma or start leveling 

I think so too. That bridge of just formad until the next mission (or few missions in). Some extra energy-points helps a lot.


Nice concept.


If you like these there are some mod ideas from ages past here:


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