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Game Breaking Chat Bug Alt+F4 Is The Only Way Out


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Currently i'm organizing a huge event in-game, and i have to talk to many players at the same time. And this bug happened to me at least at least 5 times. I think it's because of the number of chat tabs i have open. The whole UI freezes, i can't click anything, i can't type, not even ESC works. I can't move with WASD, i can't move the camera with my mouse crosshair, i can't do anything. ALT+F4 is the only way out.




embed not showing: http://youtu.be/f0izbKw-B04

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This is an olddddddd bug since U14. Somehow it keeps making it's way back in-game although it seems like it was fixed for a while. Super annoying with anything that involves right clicks in the chat UI

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