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The Need/benefits Of Mods That Improve Weapon Handling


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Firstly, a disclaimer. This feedback is not intended to make filler mods to choke up the drop tables. Rather, the intent is to add mods that fulfill the claim of Warframe having diversity. There is no tl;dr. If you don't read the whole thing, you won't understand what I'm trying to provide feedback on.


For the past week or so, I've been perusing the mods in the game and trying to tweak guns to improve/change weapon handling, and throughout my experiments, I noticed that there seem to be only two or three types of mods in total that change weapon handling. 


Before I continue, let me explain what I mean by weapon handling. The feeling of control, the recoil, the "oomph", the fire rate, and accuracy. Any FPS gamer exposed to a multitude of weapons knows that weapon preferences come from their handling coupled with their damage.


Warframe is extremely stagnant in that regard. All the weapons have little to absolutely no recoil, and a large majority of mods focus on improving the weapon statistically rather than physically. The only mods that I really employed to tweak how the guns handle were Vile Precision, Speed Trigger, and Magazine Warp. There don't seem to be mods that allow us to tweak fire rate negatively, boost recoil or decrease magazine size. 

Now the obvious question would be: why do we need these mods? Wouldn't these mods make weapon use detrimental? There comes the issue of perspective. Yesterday, I released a non damage or DPS focused build for the Karak and my goal was to spark a discussion amongst people regarding tweaking weapon handling, and I observed that the only major tweaking that could be done was very, very limited. Those who don't want to focus on damage don't have many options. Almost all mods seem to work towards statistically making weapons superior with little to no detriments. 


In that regard, the Corrupted mods are fantastic. Vile precision decreases recoil and fire rate. Tainted Mag increases reload speed and magazine size. But the issues remains the same: mods don't exist that allow the tweaking of the weapon in a non statistical manner. Players can't make their weapons "feel" right in their hands without resorting to a very narrow list of possibilities. I personally feel that the sheer amount of damage mods are reaching an oversaturation point. notionphil made a very interesting thread several months ago regarding mods to increase diversity and remove the crux of "essential mods" from the game. This system can be implemented with the weapon handling mods as well.


The end result would be a series of mods that cater to the aesthetic performance of the weapon, rather than statistical, allowing players to make their weapons more unique and more fun.

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I agree with you on the fact that most weapons handle the same, pretty much every automatic rifle feels the same.

On that note, that might be why I like the weapons that I like. The lex has a satisfying boom noise and heavy recoil, it feels powerful, likewise things like the Latron Prime abd Tigris reward slower shooting.

The real problem with handling mods is that it is hard to find a place for them.

We are getting to the point where our dps is becoming justified with tougher and tougher content, meaning it becomes increasingly difficult to find space for them.

I have been having thoughts about an attachment system (similar to stances) that could possibly work, but even then it still isn't quite enough.

The other way I've thought about was allowing unallocated mod points to be used for stats, if you want more on that there's a topic somewhere. Regardless that could allow for more interesting builds, especially if you could reduce certain stats for extra points (similar to corrupted mods but less efficiently)

Regardless of how tricky the topic or its solution may be, it is still important that it be addressed

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