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Moving While Nyx's Absorb Is Active (Bug Or Hacks?)


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First off, I should note that I wasn't the Nyx doing this crazy stunt...

So, I went to Kappa (Sedna) to level up my Frost Prime, when I saw this Nyx moving around with absorb active. I thought it was just a simple graphical error on my end or something. But then I shot the absorb orb-thing, and my bullet actually hit it. This led to our chat:

(Edit: Blurred out all of the names of my squad members to avoid "name shame". If you need the name of the person doing the bug/hack, simply ask.)


Later on, he got stuck in the wall a little while after starting the third defense part of the mission...


I don't mean to call this guy a liar, but this glitch looks too clever to be a bug. I won't know for sure until my Nyx is finished being made tomorrow, then I can test it myself. In the meantime, anyone with a Nyx able to replicate this bug?

Edit: I should also mention that this guy was moving like he wasn't in absorb mode, being able to jump and run, tho his animation didn't change. Also there's the fact that every single time he came out of absorb, he reactivated it. Every. Single. Time.
I don't know what to think of this...

Edit 2: Oh wait, I haven't thought about it before. That's an energy recharge under him/her (bleh. I refered to him as a him before. Not gonna change now. It's a him .-. ). Explains why he was able to keep using absorb...

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I remember doing this when I had my Nyx, but I would do wall runs/climbs->jump or slide jumps to get a lot of momentum and hit Absorb just after jumping off


The silly part is that it keeps your momentum throughout the entirety of Absorb, which if you have a Volt using Speed you can travel a rather absurd distance. You could be drifting across the map towards a clump of mobs, soaking up damage as as you go, just to detonate once you're surrounded by them.


As for the stuck animation, that happens. I've seen people stuck in the melee ground slam (all frames of it) moving around like they aren't two feet in the air, body stretched out like a leopard with their melee weapon poised to render the ground asunder.

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