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Ever Though Of An Infested Warframe Boss? :)


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Why not get infested warframe boss :D

like this is one



not mine just using!


Lore: (got none!)


It can be multiple infested and maybe couple warframe powers!


When fighting this boss their will be hordes of enemies coming after tenno :D


Power 1:

Roar give it's allies a power booster .


Power 2

miasma this power it will not spamm just if get too close.


power 3

something like grapple hook to drag enemy in :)


Power 4


It will call hordes of infested allies!


Give me some ideas! Plus like to hear your opinions! 

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Phorid can be considered a Charger that had been left to consume and replicate itself for a long time (or just a whole entire different strain of the Technochyte)


And Lephantis was "Created by the Orokin to combat the Setients" or something like that, and is a combination of a Corpus, Grineer and Ancient

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"Revoke the frailties of flesh. Let us in."

"We are the vessel through which immortality is achieved. Assimilate, <player name>."

"Unburden yourself from this mortal coil, <player name>. Join Us."

"We are countless. Consume us. Be reborn."


These are few of the lines used by Infested bosses Phorid and Lephantis.


What if some Tenno got turned to Infested? One for each Warframe?


Possibly could work as Infested "assassin".

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Phroid and the one inside ODA isnt it infested boss? Correct me if im wrong

did you not read the OP's thread and title? he said he wants to see a infested Warframe/Tenno*Which means its like infested version of us*. Read carefully next time. And the one in ODA is called The Lephantis.

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