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Rubedo Skins Rhino Prime


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good morning peoples,i have one question if someone can help me.

I read in one site that i can take the rubedo skins for rhino prime if i instal the game Warframe with Steam,someone can tell me if still now if i instal Warframe through Steam,i can receive the rhino prime rubedo skin or it's too late? 

Thank'you for your consideration and help :)

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I believe you can still buy it off of other people who put them up in the steam market. The promotion ended though (it was a summer sale thing)


Just instal warframe via steam and check the market. A lot of rubedo rhino skins were made by other people and they sold cheap. Better check it out and see if the price is worth paying.





The way it worked was that you had to buy games/plat/other stuff on steam and that would give you some sort of card(s).

These were used to MAKE the rubedo skin (nothing is free!). The skins you could sell to other people.


When it was released a lot of people made the rubedo skin and they sold for about 0.10-0.30 dollars/euro's/currency. now that they are rare, you would have to check the market.




You can enter the market by going to the community tab on steam and then Market.




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I just checked the price for the skin, it's 0.16 USD so luckily it's still very cheap. Make sure to download warframe with steam and LINK your warframe to your steam account by logging into warframe via steam (game, not the website :) )

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