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Do you have an idea for future weapons?


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Hey guys,

I love this game so far and I just can't get enough of it. Skipped Halo, Battlefield 3, ACIII whatsoever just to play this game. The past few days I played with the Gorgon and the LEX and both weapons are to my opinion the best to play with. However, I actually would like to have more super or "funny" weapons like the Bolto in the future. This gun surprised me and I couldn't stop using it because the enemies look too d*mn funny when you nail them to a wall. I know damage is an important thing when killing bosses or finishing highlevel missions, but when you just want to have fun with friends, then I think they should develop more "troll" weapons like a rocket launcher (please add optional friendly fire :D). Does anyone else have a great idea to suggest?



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