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Meele Warframe


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Ash/Loki get +50% regular melee damage and +100% charge damage while invisible.

Saryn gets +60% poison damage to regular and charged attacks.

Rhino gets 'Durr I am immune to everything including knockback/interrupt for 20 seconds at a cost of 40 energy' when properly modded.

Frost gets 'You are moving incredibly slow and nothing can shoot me' giant snowglobe

Volt gets 'Super speed and super fast charge time' for a damned good melee dps increase too

Excal gets a super jump as an escape, slash/dash as an escape and damned good damage dealer, a aoe stun and aoe nuke, but nothing that directly effects his melee damage'


That about it for melee related frames. You could make an argument for Ember getting everyone into melee range for her circle of fire, or trinity for getting hit more with link, but those are more situational than melee-centric.

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