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A New Tenno Farmer


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Howdy fellow Tenno's I'm VaneHelsing {last name is vane get it?} just stopping into say hi! I just started getting into the frame and to say getting into is a understatement , Wow I'm hopelessly addicted  2 week's or so in what a great game.!

I'm pretty easy going dude and helpful ,love team work. I come from many years of mmo's and fps's and enjoy the quest for epic gear. I would definitely would  like to hook up with some fellow tenno's to learn,farm and help out and add some friends to the list. I don't mind using a mic and the text chat works also. {hint to public]  Well that's about it feel free to say hi if you see me in game and good hunting to all of you!


Steam: Razorkat


Warframe: VaneHelsing


Central time zone {US}


Love coffee!


Platform: Pc


Age: unknown not sure how long i was put to sleep before I awoke a Tenno! I do remember 1984

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