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General UI feedback


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Just a list of general pros and cons I have found in my experience so far.


Hub: "Windows" are well done, the fact that you can jump through layers and previous layers stay open is excellent, allowing players to move naturally between them.

Cleanliness: both in missions and out, the UI is fairly sparse, something I personally prefer, I like seeing the game not mechanics.

"Recent Players" list: This is excellent and something missing from many, many PC multiplayer titles. I'm glad it didn't slip by.

Color Scheme: I like it. Others might not and it might be worth making a color selection available. But *I* like it, and this is my Pros list so it goes here. ;)

Statistics Page: I always like numbers!


Hub: "world" selection. Mercury is FREAKIN tiny and gets hidden by other planets/the sun. Other planets float offscreeen [Pluto]. Etc. This would be much better as a full overhead with the "player" seated on top of the sun.

Mission: UI is very out of the way. I'm glad the elements are sparse but when I need to see them I have to look way away from the action on my screen, this is detrimental to gameplay. Also there is no "Attunement" bar for the Melee Weapon last I checked.

Mission: There needs to be something to readily I.D. special enemies outside of staring at their health bar. I stepped into a mission tonight and was rushed straight off the bat by an enemy, I figured I'd just drop him but I went down incredibly fast. Confused I looked at his health bar and saw "Seargent so-and-so". The top of the screen is not where I want to be looking in a fast paced game.

Market: lacks mouse-over descriptions. I know most of them are placeholder at the moment anyway but they should be visible in the market.

Market: Gear descriptions are lacking. How long do boosters last? Are they permanent? How much do they boost? Are team heals once per map? One time use? The only item that seems clear is the Cipher.

Thats all I can think of for now. More to come if I find things worth commenting on.

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