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Wts 1X Bulky Male Huras Imprint

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As title says,


Domino Pattern, natural colors are Gold (or orange? not sure), Purple Lotus, Gray (Green eyes)


Here a couple pic, natural color 1st, swapped gray to black on the 2nd.






S/O = 20P by Dally96


C/O = 50P by Night-Stalker95


B/O = no set yet 100P

Edited by Phoenix86
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The natural color are Dark brown(face/neck) and Black on the body with grey in domino(strips).

Not orange or red or any other. cuz if it is, it will clearly appear well. i'll post here when i have platinum and interesting it. wonder if u accept to trade it with ur imprint incase if i dont have platinum? cuz i allready bought some are waiting to be delivered :D

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20 p


Thx for making the starting offer, will edit 1st post.


Thanks to all the others about color's guessing...

i think that the color correction on/off in game makes stuff look a bit different, i assure you that the "light brown" in game looks like the one xoLunaox has on his Kubrow

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