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Wts Red Lotus Kubrow. Raksa-Sunika-Sahasa

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All colors is natural colors and some parts isn't available from pallete.
No auction, just offer me a price if you want to negotiate. All price is for BOTH imprints.

1. Sunika
Red at perfect place. Same like my previous kubrow which have been sold, but cheaper.
Modified Color with Derelict Black and Nova Grey from market:
Lotus Pattern.
Best possible place red colors.
Maximum Height.
500 plat

2. Huras SOLD for 500

2 Rare Color of Blue and Red. One of my best kubrows.
Lotus Pattern.
2 Rare Colors.
600 plat.


3. Raksa
Red Lotus Color.
Lotus Pattern.
450 plat.

4. Sahasa
Red Pattern
Lotus Pattern.
400 plat.

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On the Sunika, can you show a pic of what the Base, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors are?

Something like red - gray - goldish brown

Both red and goldish brown is not available at market's pallete



Well if no has bid yet I'll bid 200 for sunika prints. 

Sorry. there is someone who offer 300 plat already some time ago. But since it is not an auction. I just rejected offer that I don't like currently.

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