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Pvp: Pvp Missions? No Friendly Fire. Objective Based.


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I have posted before about having non-combat based pvp.


This would be a bit of both.


I would like to play invasion, sabotage, spy, and deception against other players.


could be like a bounty type mission, where the first team of two to complete the objective win.


(i.e. get more datamasses than the opposing team, inject datamass before other team, defend longer than the other team, survive longer than the other team, kill more enemies than the other team)


im not suggesting we replace anything, but adding the option to have vs missions would be fun imo.

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This sounds like a PvE style feature masquerading as PvP, which has been done in Diablo 3... and we all saw how that worked out for them. Not well, in case you didn't know. 


Furthermore, everyone is basically invincible in PvE... there is no challenge. 



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