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Improve Navigation Pls. Ps4 Specific


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Since my last u14 specific feedback for ps4 did not receive any attention I'm posting separate points in separate threads.

- Current Mission Navigation is very inefficient.

Every time you try to start mission it starts from Mercury. This gets very annoying if you are doing Void, Invasion Alerts, Dark Sector Conflicts etc because you have to keep scrolling through planets to select the planet you want.



- Navigation Should Start From Last Played Mission.

ex Lets say you played some mission on Eris. Next time you want to start the mission, the Navigation will start from Eris.

You can also make the mission navigation start from Mercury only after you launch the game. ie the navigation will reset back to Mercury every time you close the game.


This is console specific problem because pc players use their mouses and navigate freely, while we have to keep pressing arrows.

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