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Lightspeed Volt.




To infinity and beyond... or something....

Can someone please invest 5 forma into the build and put up a video showing the Gameplay.

The Builder is telling me he can run at 114.5m/s, in addition to his 1.40 sprint speed and 200 stamina.

I actually think I might get volt just to make this build... well, a variation as my Narrow Minded and Blind Bricks Rage, are only like lvl 8.

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Not only that, you could swap out Shield Flux or Marathon for just a common Shock? The damage would be exceptional, ability to instantaneously hit multiple targets while shooting/reloading/running, and honestly, if you run out of stamina while running, just slide for a few seconds. The speed would get you across an entire room without needing to get back up again anyway.

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