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"kill Lephantis With Only Melee"


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I heard this on the latest Devstream right now (took me a while before I could watch it), and this one makes me especially giddy especially since they revealed the revamped melee that allows for air attacks earlier (killing a flying Hellion with an Orthos made me smile).


I'm just really hoping that the difficulty of actually attacking Lephantis' weakpoints in melee is balanced somewhat to make it equally as viable as using guns. For instance, making Lephantis' weakpoints take double the damage from melee weapons or something, so that we strike it harder in melee but is tempered by it being more difficult to do.


Can't wait to shank Lephantis using my Skana though, this'll be a good challenge :)

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It was more just a random example of challenges you could encounter. I highly doubt it was anything meant to be taken literally.

I got the same vibe. That being said boss battles, especially the larger ones would be epic if you could actually take them out with melee. Shadow of colossus style.

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