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Why Is My Blade Shiny!



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By the way, during some moves like slide-spin attacks, the weapon produces the already known trail and for me for example, when I'm hit or some other thing stops me from finishing the move, the effect is not removed and until another move that uses this particular effect is performed, it will stay. Guess the "end trail" command at the end of the move isn't called if the move is cancelled by something.


On a side-note, first I thought you are talking about arsenal (that's why I'm here). I have noticed that while setting up colors, my Ether reaper's blade shines with that very color while the moment I exit that activity, it returns to the normal version... which is subpar as hell compared to the shiny one!

I don't understand why did they make that etherblade a simple glass (not even that since it's not shiny) panel with a bit of energy colored flourish - the dual-ether's appearance is much better. Both would look better if the blades were done as an emitting surface with 100% powa at the edges and (guess using innerglow/innershadow kind of effect in alpha) translucent in the middle... maybe a whirling effect spicing it up a bit...

Wha, dunno, ether-type weapons are such a good idea yet in the end the way they were delivered... not so much.

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He actually isn't - hint, note the fact his energy gauge is full



You can still be channeling even with a full energy gauge. Channeling only uses energy when you hit a target.



But yes, this is a fairly common occurrence; I've had this happen to me quite frequently but it's nothing to worry about. Simply activate/deactivate channeling or perform the same move again to remove the effect.

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