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! Sale ! 15 Plat Per Item ! Sale !

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x1 Scindo Prime Handle

1x AKBronco Prime Link

x2 Bo Prime Ornament
x2 Boar Prime Barrel
x2 Boar Prime Reciever

x2 Burston Prime Stock
x4 Ember Prime Chassis
x1 Ember Prime Helmet
x1 Fang Prime Blade

x1 Fang Prime Handle
x1 Glaive Prime Disc

x1 Hikou Prime Pouch

x3 Latron Prime Stock
x1 Lex Prime Reciever
x2 Mag Prime Chassis
x1 Miter Barrel
x1 Miter Blade
x1 Nyx Prime Chassis
x4 Orthos Prime Blade
x1 Reaper Handle

x2 Paris Prime Lower Limb
x3 Paris Prime String
x1 Rhino Prime Chassis
x1 Rhino Prime System
x6 Sicarus Prime Barrel
x2 Bo Prime Blueprint
x1 Boar Prime Blueprint
x3 Braton Prime Blueprint
x1Bronco Prime Blueprint
x3 Latron Prime Blueprint
x7 Mag Prime Blueprint
x1 Paris Prime Blueprint
x1 Reaper Prime Blueprint

x2 Scindo Prime Blueprint
x1 Wyrm Prime Blueprint


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Updated 14/10/2014

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