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Ask All The Warframes(Rated E(For Now))


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Okay, I've decided to do my own "ask all the warframes" thread, so, first the rules

1.You may ask ANY question at all, pertaining to the Tenno themselves or their view on things.

2. Questions like "What was the best prank Loki ever pulled?" Will be tolerated once, afterward, you will either be ignored or I'll quote the first time it was asked.

3.You will have to specify who you are asking, or if you want me to have simply all the warframes answer, let's try and keep those down to once per page though alright guys?

4. You ARE allowed to RP as an OC in order to talk to the warframes, but any intimate touching will result in a drop from the thread.

5.Tenno only please, unless you confirm with me and describe your other race before dropping it in.

Note: I've got a full assembly of all the Tenno already, any you add are yours, and I will not answer for them or treat them as part of the Tenno answering questions, also, only Valkyr is behind a glass partition, because she's Valkyr.

I will most likely be adding more rules as we go along, so let's begin shall we?

Frost: I have better things to do than this

Ember: Don't be such a Scrooge.

Excalibur: C'mon guys, no name calling, we are respectable Tenno.

Loki: Heh, speak for yourself...

Frost Prime: Let's at least try to keep orderly, I don't want to have to get you peasants in order myself.

Nyx Prime: Froooostyyy

Frost Prime: Fine, fine, let's just get started eh? Everyone take a seat,

*Everyone with the exception of Mirage and Loki sit, then holding up their chairs and getting ready to leave.*

Frost Prime: You little snots. *Gets up to go after them, forced back into his seat by Excalibur Prime*

Excalibur Prime: Guys? Let's be a little serious, this is supposed to be fun for everyone.

*Mirage and Loki sit down, snickering, but look up as everyone watched the door, wondering who the first person to enter will be*

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Excalibur Prime: Well this is just a result of some of us getting fed up with the strange corruptibility of the other two of them, and, meh, Grumpy Nekros, it's not like he can do anything.

Nekros: Hey!

Frost Prime: He is right, you are basically a glorified farmer, I'll never understand those Tenno who go crazy for your warframe on their side.

Mag: Well he is helpful on those annoying survival missions, those guys are killing their own people, giving them so little life support to fight us, it turns survival into an almost animalistic "Get Life Support!!!!" Urge, it's impossible to go any length of time without a Nekros really.

Mag Prime: Well, that's true, but basically the only thing Nekros is good for, unless you want years worths of alloy plates.

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Frost: Well, it's not like you can change your warframe, even from normal to Prime is a huge leap, and many don't survive...

Frost Prime: Yep, a warframe is built around the user, they are very not interchangeable, I do think they are actually built so you can't take 'em off. In any case, if you could remove your warframe and put on a. Different one, I'd imagine it would be something like stepping into shoes molded by someone else's feet, it might give you a cramp for a while, but eventually you would get used to it...


Mag: *Holds out Gauss Mag headphones, shouting over the music* That might sound better through these! And no one's holding you here, you can go if you want to!

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Vauban: I've played neither of those games, but I find Destiny relatively fun, level 28 is a b!tch tho.

Zephyr: Our resident gamer has spoken.

Vauban Prime: I bet I could beat him.

Frost Prime: You don't even exist yet, get outta here.

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((I'm assuming you're asking all the warframes, if so, give me an hour to get home and I'll answer, I can't remember all the warframes off the top of my head. If you can, you are welcome to list them.))

((Sure, Ahem:



Ember /prime

Excalibur /prime

Frost /prime


Loki /prime

Mag /prime




Nyx /prime


Rhino /prime







You don't have to answer with all the warframes :3.

20 Warframes + 7 prime versions))

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((Sick, just a mo))



Ash:Well, Zephyrs the best of us at gymnastics, her most flips in a single jump is around 250,

Banshee: Volt is our track runner, for obvious reasons, but he also seems to like long walks on the beach on Earth.

Ember: Vauban is the gamer, mentioned earlier, but he also fixes stuff around the dojo(duh)

Ember Prime: Valkyr got into knitting recently, but she's still kinda...crazy, so it's hard to tell with her...

Excalibur: Trinity is really into tennis and gourmet food, she looks really sad whenever she tosses the lobsters into the pot.

Excalibur Prime: Saryn is quite the man eater, and she holds the record for being able to consume the most beer and staying conscious, Rhino can get close, but no dice.

Frost: *Says on private channel* Rhino is a ballerina.

Frost Prime: Rhino Prime is pretty good at dirt biking, though I've been trying to get him into snowmobiling.

Hydroid: Oberon is pretty bland, he likes TV, but only shows like Fairy Tail and Soul Eater.

Loki: Nyx is our resident psychiatrist, but not many people know she can be as tricky as Mirage and I, I was clucking like a chicken for two weeks last time I ate her lunch from the communal fridge, worth it though, trinity's chicken sandwiches are to die for.

Loki Prime: Nyx Prime is a bit more mature, she likes to hang out with Oberon and she's more into books than anything else, our speed reader really.

Mag: Besides molecular physics, Nova likes to some times let her hair down with some classic calculus, but when she wants to be really crazy, she breaks out the candles and bath soaps, often taking a look into a book recommendation from Nyx Prime.

Mag Prime: Nekros is... Uh, intricate? He's into poetry, though he's recently gotten into the works of an ancient author Nyx Prime found, some Guy, Edger Aalan Poooh?

Mirage: I'm still pretty new, so no one really knows what I'm into, but let me tell you guys (it's a secret) I've been looking into some OLD, and I mean OLD artifacts, some really old people who only wrote in Emoji's and built giant geometric structures as tombs, it was pretty weird, Aegiption I think they were called...

Nekros: Mag Prime is actually all about music, not the same kind as Banshee though, she found out a while ago that she can thrum certain notes on strings with magnetism, and her room is right next to mine, it actually provides some inspiration poetry really, but I haven't been able to get her newest song out of my head for days, *Hums the Ash Grove*

Nova: Mag actually doesn't do all that much, though I think she does something with studying natural phenomena on Earth, useless though, it's not like she's gonna find out how to predict the weather or something...

Nyx: Loki Prime, despite all the mischief Loki pulls, really surprised me, he likes some of the books Nyx Prime recommends and has taken a great interest in his Namesake, despite it's obvious anomolic qualities, he also keeps going on about these old transciptions, they boggle the mind if an attempt at being explained is made, it's called Homestuck, and I'm not even trying to understand it. He gets it, somehow, and he actually has a pretty good take on it, a little phylosophical if you ask me,

Nyx Prime: Loki is, how can I explain it?... Exactly how one would expect him to be, annoying, troublemaking, ad thinks that there is a singularcentric model with the universe orbiting around him. But I must admit, some of his jokes are clever, and when needed, he is a good ally.

Oberon:Hydroid is actually part gamer along with Vauby over there, he's really into these old assassin games, and even an MMORPGTHICG now and then. Don't ask me to explain that Acronym, please, I really don't know all of it, just the letters,

Rhino: Frost likes ice skating, and since no one though to pick up my outside ability, I'm always into a little sparring with valkyr, but man, can she mess up my Iron Skin.

Rhino Prime: Frost Prime is something of an inventor, he even makes the emulators for Hydroid and Vauban's games.

Saryn: Excalibur is really *hic* good at baseball, lands a home run every time, or at leasht second base... *Chuckles at her own joke*

Trinity: Excalibur Prime isn't really into all that much, most of the time he sits around meditating, I have to hake him so he'll come to dinner...

Valkyr: Oh Ember Prime, we all know I've gotten myself under control...

Ember Prime: And that's why you're sitting behind a twelve inch think wall of reinforced glass?

Valkyr: Touche, but it's not like I'm a pyromaniac like you, grooming bonsai trees only to have them explode for us in bright colors.

Ember Prime: I've told you before, those aren't Bonsai trees, they are minerals of Lithhium, Copper Chloride, and sometimes Cobalt, I use them to make fire works.

Valkyr: Whatever, they get the point.

Ember Prime: *Groans*

Vauban: Hmm? Oh, uhhm, I don't really know that much about Ember, she's nice, but she possesses this, unending, all consuming, rage building, hard headedness, she gets a goal, she does it, end of story.

Volt: Banshee is fun to hang out with, but she has a certain set of skills, and when applied, she travels all night long around the solar system, forcing rave parties to go on for years, I don't know how she stays awake, or how she's not deaf.

Zephyr: Ash is pretty secretive, we've never been able to find out his skill or talent.

Ash: Fine, I'm, I'm, a collector. *Sighs, seeming to deflate*

Zephyr: What do you collect?

Loki: Hey guys! look what I found in Ash's room! A weird set of little squares with pictures on them! holy crap! he's got binders full of them! Oh no, Oh god help me! *Sound of great amounts of everything from postage stamps to Yu-Gi-Oh cards collapsing on top of him.

Ash: *Buries head in his hands* Everything.



((They said we could literally not afford to buy a pebble of moon rocks, did it anyway! Ground 'em up, mixed 'em into a gel. Well, it turns out ground up moon rocks are pure posion! I am deathly ill, so now we're trying to see if jumping in and out of these new portals can leech the lunar poison out of a man's blood stream...



-Cave Johnson, we're done here.))

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Nova: The corpus are alright I guess, I value their drive and scientific prowess in search of money.

Frost Prime: The grineer are probably the most annoying if the four, slashing through your warframe with bullets, not to mention they're past half ugly. I kind of like the corrupted best tho, they add an intricate quality to everything they touch, and the neural sentry presents a challenge for reverse engineering.

Mag: The grineer aren't all that bad, but I have to admit they don't look the prettiest, what's really cool is hoe they follow orders and stay in formulation, like ants, or iron filaments around a magnet.

Valkyr: The grineer are slow, stupid, and ugly, but I do admire the ferocity they show, despite watching swathes of their allies die they yet attack, only fueled by their anger at the deaths of their companions. You can say what you want about them, but there will always be a part of me that understands how they fit within the balance. The infested display similar qualities, but in hoards, and they can show fear, I'll never feel right while I'm ripping them to shreds, they remind me to much of the animal I once was. Excalibur, try to hug me and I will cut you. *glares at Excalibur who had been attempting to open the box to do just that*

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