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New Forum Feature Request [Go To De Last Post]


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Hi fellas,

what i'd like to ask would be a nice addition to the forum,

especially because DE's staff usually post quite a lot here and there (which is LOVELY and AWESOME).


This feature basically allows everyone to instantanely know if a DE staff member made a post on a certain thread and,

inside the thread, the button is further replicated to redirect us on it once we click it.


This feature is used in Blizzard's forum and i find it high effective in trackin down official blizzard's replies and posts.


Check it out here for a quick reference:


Link to a random Blizzard's forum section


Just open a thread with the blue "blizz" icon (that means someone from blizzard's staff has made a post in it) and you will notice that, on the top right, there's again that button and, if you hover it with your mouse, it will say "jump to the first blizzard post" (clickin it will bring u right there)


That's basically what i'm suggesting

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