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Lobby System For Pvp


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While I have not been able to really play the Dark-sector PvP I still think there should be a lobby system for it.


I know this may seem more like a concept but I feel it is more of feedback due to the connection issues that happens in Dark sectors a lot. So I am providing feedback and a way that could potentially fix the problem if DE chooses to take note of it.


I find it a little un-reliable to join a *Host* during an 8 player match because you are bound to end up in a match that is already going and not being able to catch up to your allies.


Some people (Like me for example) Can't even connect to a player-based game properly and usually end up just fighting specters all day.


"How would a lobby system help with this?" You may ask that question... Thankfully I have answers.


A lobby system allows for a more organized way to launch a game of PvP. Here is how it will work.  Think of a game of conclaves and how that is set up. "Sun and Moon" Left to right, Defender to attacker.  To start things out these lobbies will still be hosted by players, it would just allow for them to find people easier. There would be two buttons that says "Find Lobby or Create Lobby" There will be four slots on each side too. Defenders would be selected on the left, and attackers on the right.  The host will choose his/her team and invite all of their friends. He/she invites two friends and they all chose defender. So far we have 3 defenders and 0 attackers. After the host is finished inviting and choosing teams they would see a button called "Search for players". This would open up their lobby to be public and players who clicks "Find Lobby" will be eligible to join.


Here I will provide an example in bold letters:


I want to host a dark sector match and there is a conflict at Gabii. I click "Host Lobby" and have the lobby menu opened up to me. I decide to join the defending team to support the current rail-holder. My friend Feffog wishes to help them as well. So I invite him to the lobby and he joins defender as well. We lock our positions and I click "Search for players". Over about 2 minutes the lobby eventually fills up with people that chose the option "Find Lobby".


That is how hosting will work.




The "Find Lobby" system.



This one works slightly different but it will ensure your role.


When you decide to click "Find Lobby" you would first choose who you would like to support.


The attacker or the defender. You decide you want to join attackers and it says "Searching lobbies for attacker slots"


Eventually it would say "Match found!" and you would click "join".


Have this work for groups as well to ensure you can search for lobbies with friends.


Bold print example:


Feffog and I want to search for attacker slots to help get rid of the rail's owners.


I click "Find Lobby" and I am asked if I want to defend X clan or attack for X clan.


I choose attackers and it searches for a lobby with open attackers. Eventually it says "Match found" and we join to wait.




Finally after the lobby fills out there will be a vote system on people who are ready for the fight

once everyone is ready the game will begin and we all have a fair chance at actually fighting inside the rail.


Keep in mind though I don't want to scrap the idea of joining mid-game but I want to resolve some connection issues regarding about joining a game in the first place.


Thank you to those who chose to read this and have a fantastic day!

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I fully support this idea. All too often there are an abundance of connection issues involved when joining partway through a match, or instead being unable to connect to a currently running match and instead I start one alone, killing specters all day because nobody else joins. A lobby system would hopefully remedy this! Pooling players together and then starting a match at the same time is much better than searching alone (or with friends) and joining into a match either nearly complete, or onto a defending team with barely any spawns left. This isn't just a case of connecting to matches with others effectively, but also a case of STARTING matches with a full roster of players for both teams.


HOWEVER... A great idea mustn't be overdone without recognising its flaws. If someone wants to go and play a Dark Sector Conflict alone (not necessarily against AI, but rather searching without friends in a squad), then they are more likely to search for lobbies rather than create one. So if everyone (and we can assume this is most of the players even considering playing the conflict) chooses to find lobbies then there may very well be no lobbies created to actually join, and likely the lobbies that had been created are full. 


Another issue may exist where someone creates a lobby on a later planet, one such as Ceres, and nobody ends up joining whatsoever. They are therefore unable to even play the conflict.


So to solve these flaws, we need the option to Start Conflict even when in a lobby alone... Which leads back to the system involved now, where matches are already running when players join into them. Likewise, if someone is searching for lobbies and finds none, they should be able to then CHOOSE to join a match in progress or create a lobby from there, rather than just one or the other. (The one thing that irks me about starting a conflict is joining a match in progress when there might have been players out there I could have joined as the match starts) 


"If things lead back to the system currently in place anyway, then why implement it?" Well, I still think it would be a huge improvement for the people that do end up creating lobbies and having people drop in from the find lobbies option, having the 'potential' for matches started with a full roster rather than a guarantee. No, it's not a miracle cure for PVP, and it's certainly not the most important thing to be implementing/fixing right now. But it's another great thing to be done. One step at a time, right?

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