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Dark Sector Needs Ui Improvements


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The cost of maintaining and defending rails as well as the information given to the player makes a system where resource taxes and credit taxes are too high inevitable.


Lets not talk about the first bit as that is a long topic. Lets talk about something simple that could likely be tended to in a timely manner. General UI improvements.


-Currently there is no tax history and the proposed tax rate after an invasion is not given to the player DURING the invasion. This makes the issue of often not getting paid for playing the mode worse as there is no guarantee that tax rates will remain competitive and those who try to take rails for better taxes see no support


-Ingame when you are playing there is no really good indication of your mod levels that is persistent. It shows up every now and then in a massive manner. You also have little clue of where your XP is going with each action because the existing UI has the opposite issue where it is persistent but not noticeable.




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