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Buying, And Selling Mods And Trading For Cores

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<p>I am looking for all the kubrow link mods maxed, maul maxed and tainted mag maxed</p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong><u>I am selling or trading these mods for rare 5 cores</u></strong>- sundering strike, vital sense, barrel diffusion, serration, Gemini cross, homing fang, intensify, natural talent, pistol ammo mutation, pistol pestilence, power throw, reflex guard, shred, bite, brutal tide, cleaving whirlwind, energy siphon, fired up, firestorm, hammer shot, hells chamber,  ice storm, lethal torrent, hornet strike, magnum force, master thief, physique, ravage, rejuvenation, seismic palm, split chamber, steady hands, stretch, tainted mag, thunder bolt, vigor, virulent scourge, wildfire.</p>


<p>Also selling <strong>prime parts</strong>- akbronco prime bp x 2, ankyros prime gauntlet, bo prime ornament x 2, boar rime barrel, boar prime bp x 2,  boar prime receiver, boltor prime receiver, boltor prime stock x 2, ember prime chassis, ember prime helm, fang prime blade, frost prime systems,latron prime barrel, latron prime bp, latron prime stock, lex prime bp, loki prime bp. mag prime bp x 2, mag prime chassis x 2, orthos prime bp, paris prime grip, paris prime lower limb x 2, paris prime string, reaper prime bp, sicarus prime barrel x 2, sicarus prime bp and wyrm prime cerebrum</p>

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<p>message me here or In game. </p>

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<p>Thank you for your time :)</p>

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