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Polemosomology Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/317555-polemosomology-the-study-of-warframe/page-5




Fellow Tenno Skum:


A lot of you may know me around the forums; I'm the creator of the thread above, which focuses on various aspects of Warframe's hidden lore, and also own http://www.warframeology.weebly.com - which gets hundreds of unique pageviews per day. On Warframeology.com, the "Become a Study Moderator" function has experienced technical difficulties, making it impossible for me to find Study Moderators through my own website! Therefore, until this issue is resolved (it could take a few weeks, according to Weebly support), please respond to this thread if you wish to become a Study Moderator.



-NearlyDedicated, Polemosomologist



What's a Study Moderator?



The link at the top of this thread will send you to the Polemosomology (study of Warframe) megathread, where contributor "studies" are collected. Each few days, a new study launches, looking into different parts of Warframe's hidden lore (the Tenno language, Tenno Corruption, etc.). These studies serve as community events: the cell of four Tenno who provide conclusive evidence in a study receives an in-game reward.


These rewards are provided by Study Moderators. Study Mods conduct specific studies and provide rewards on their respective platform, and, in return, are given admin status on the warframeology.com forums. 

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