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Silva's Sale! ~Mods/blueprints/prime Parts~

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--//Prime Parts//--

boar Prime Receiver 3p

Boar prime stock x2 5p

Boltor prime stock x3 3p

Bronco prime bp x2 4p

Burston prime receiver 3p

Paris Prime Grip XXX SOLD XXX

Reaper handle x4 5p

Sicarus prime barrel x2 5p

Glaive prime blade 5p

Braton prime bp 2p

Dakra prime blueprint 5p


--//Warframe Blueprints//--


Frost Prime blueprint 5p

Ember prime blueprint 5p

Mag prime chassis 5P







Natural Talent X3 5p

Blind rage 25p

Continuity 10p

Master Thief 10p




Thunderbolt x2 5

Vital sense x2 5





Pistol pestilence 5p

steady hands 5p

Magnum Force 15p

Ice Storm 5p




Rending strike 1p

Virulent scourge 1p

Berserker XXX SOLD XXX

Quickening 5p

Sundering strike 5p





 Gleaming talon 20p




Warframe: Caio_Silva


Steam: Caio_Silva

Edited by Caio_Silva
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