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Combat Tactics And Mod Builds



Hey guys,


I'm new this game, all sorts of shooter games infact, and i have absolutely no idea what tactics i can use.

I know all the basics, like take cover when shields are low, and stealth tactics are difficult without loki or ash, but what sorts of combat tactics can i use so i can complete a mission without dying once?


Also, i'd like some help with mod builds. I have the basics, such as redirection and vitality, and two abilities, but can anyone tell me some really good mod builds for my warframe?




A Noob Tenno


I use:

Mag 10

Braton 8

Mk1 Kunai 10

Skana 11


For mag:



Bullet attractor

Redirection 2



I don't know about my weapons. Sorry.

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You are far too early into the game to really be worrying about powerful builds, at this point you should focus on having fun since enemies should be relatively easy.


For Mag, I suggest using Pull against Grineer (rank the ability to maximum if you can), using Stretch (+range) and Intensify (+power strength) mods.


For the Corpus, Mag is an angel of death. Shield Polarise will (at maximum rank) instantly halve their shields and do an explosion based on that, and restore half of yours. If you increase power strength, it gets much better.



Also, using Shield Polarise to help your team will get you some love.

(Go to settings or press Z (default) to toggle team stats)

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When I play Mag, I play support.


Pull will kill pretty good in the beginning of the game.  But even if it doesn't kill, whatever you hit with it will be ragdolled and wont be able to fight back.  It sets up juicy kills and, perhaps more importantly, keeps you and your friends from dying.  It also ignores line of sight, so you don't need to worry about accuracy and can use it to drag enemies out of cover.


Shield Polarize makes you the closest thing to a medic at the very start.  I highly recommend going into your HUD menu and setting team health + shields to display be default and learning to watch your team's stats.  Polarize guys that are in trouble and keep them fighting.  A maxed Shield Polarize restores half of your shields and does the same for nearby teammates.  Get a feel for the distance.  It will also cause enemy shields to blowout for massive damage; against Corpus you are a nuclear bomb.


Bullet Attractor is good against heavy enemies and especially against bosses.  Honestly though, I think at the beginning of the game you don't really need it.  If you can't have all your powers equipped at once, take Shield Polarize over Bullet Attractor.


And don't worry about making room for Crush... you can leave it out.


For all your mods - you'll really start feeling it when you get things like Redirection, Vitality, Serration, and Point Strike up to rank 3.  Early game you're probably struggling for the credits and cores to rank up mods, so decide what you want to prioritize.  I would focus on Serration and either Redirection or Vitality; Redirection scales much better on Mag and she can replenish her own shields, so probably rank up Redirection first.  But remember; shields are great and all, but don't neglect health.  Your shields hit zero and you're still fighting at full capacity, but if your health hits zero you're dead.  For your abilities, I personally would concentrate on Shield Polarize over Pull.  Pull's ragdoll is useful at all levels and it'll help more than the damage in the long run, so you don't need to worry about cranking up its damage.  Shield Polarize will only regen so much of your shields though; getting it higher ranked gives you more shields.  I focus on surviving more than damaging; I'd rather a fight last longer and keep from dying than have me and my enemy kill each other real fast and have to wait for teammates to pick me up or burn revives.  Getting an Intensify mod will help all of your abilities, and Streamline will help you cast more often and cast sooner when you're hurting on energy, since you wont need to gather so many orbs to power up.


Braton is a good generalist weapon.  Standard shooter tactics work with it.  It's actually a pretty decent weapon once you get an unbroken Serration mod ranked up a few times.  Its focus on Slash damage may some cruddy once you figure out how physical damage works, but you'll end up getting a fair amount of Bleed procs with it; the end result is that your Braton does a bit more damage than its numbers suggest.  Just pick a target and tear him down before moving on to the next.  A dead enemy can't hurt you, so focus on killing individuals as fast as you can rather than trying to take on whole groups at once.  This is especially true for Mag; she has big shields but low health.  You can afford to stand around about and tear down a target's health, then retreat into cover to reload and let your shields drop.  But if you try running and gunning, your shields will help you for a little bit but your low health means you'll be taking dirt naps surprisingly fast.


MK1-Kunai are hard hitting, but slow in every regard, and have heavy drop.  And they're inaccurate; knives from either hand have different flight paths.  It's good for punking Grineer when you can't use your Braton, but against Corpus and Infested you won't like it.  If you're trying to be stealthy, however - such as in a Corpus mission with a bunch of pesky cameras - it is silent, meaning you can kill knock out cameras with it without alerting the enemy.


Skana is nothing special.  Use sliding attacks to close the distance with enemies.  Learn your distance and use slides to both close in and hit the enemy for damage.  It's not so great on the Skana, but most other weapons it's a very handy thing to know.  Also use slides to dart in and out of cover.

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I would suggest OP to run Appollodorus Survival mission quite a bit. You can pick up Streamline and Flow here which should help you out and if you can push long enough, maybe pick up a Serration as a reward.


Your biggest issue at the moment is a lack of Mods which every new player will face. I farmed the hell out of Appollodorus at first and picked up

lots of duplicates, enabling me to Rank Up the mods pretty quick. I really wasnt able to proceed until that happened.

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